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the practice continues….

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When I was watching the first video of last year’s mega-exhibition in Paris by JR, I thought it was beautiful. The photographs are breathtaking, especially on the infrastructures in the streets of Paris. After trying to find out more about the project and stumbled upon the second video, I was absolutely touched by JR’s exhibit. He was able to keep his promise to share theses women’s stories with the world. Through their smiles and the funny faces, no one can ever guess what these women experienced.


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I’ve been obsessively listening to Duffy’s Rockferry album. Her unique voice is incredibly hard to ignore. I love all the songs in the album but I can’t seem to stop myself from hitting the replay button for this song, “Distant Dreamer”. While I was listening to this song yesterday, I was extremely sad. It made me feel as if my goals are in reality just distant dreams that are unreachable. However, while I was listening to it again today, everything changed. It made me feel hopeful and alive. I felt as if I can achieve anything if I work hard for it. Then I realized that perspective is everything. Many things are what you perceive them to be and it’s up to you to look at it in a negative or positive light. A simple song can bring hope or shattered dreams and it’s up to you to decide what you want it to be.

P. S. I can’t wait for her next album, which she’s working on right now!

"Although you think I smile, inside all the while… I’m wondering about my destiny"

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Café D’amour

picture via: Brewskizzlr

My addiction to coffee started about 15 years ago when my mom would drip Vietnamese black iced coffee down my mouth to wake me up in the morning. This is an odd yet effective way to wake a child up. Every morning since middle school, my dad would make me Vietnamese coffee, ca phe sua da or “iced coffee with milk”. So today, I admit, I am a hardcore and hopeless coffee addict.

My love for coffee must be from my Vietnamese roots, as Vietnam is a major producer of coffee, second in the world. Vietnamese coffee dates back to around late 1800s when France dominated Vietnam and planted the first coffee bean. Since then, coffee has evolved into a Vietnamese culture.

The simple traditional taste and fine aroma of Vietnamese coffee are made from Robusta bean and a small stainless still coffee filter. Robusta bean has a higher content of caffeine which produces a stronger and bitter taste compared to Western coffee. As stated, my favorite Vietnamese coffee is ca phe sua da. A traditional ca phe sua da is served while still brewing in a small stainless still coffee filter. Coffee would slowly drip through the filter into a glass that contains sweetened condensed milk. The Robusta bean, slow brewing, and condensed milk result in a strong and sweet ca phe sua da that can be served chilled when poured over ice.

A cup of coffee a day to function at work is a ritual for me. However, I still enjoy my quiet time with a  cup of coffee every weekend. Coffee brings childhood memories as it continues to go through life one day at a time with me.

"Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love."

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SHE’S BACK! It’s hard to compete with all her old classics but I still love “Soldier of Love”. It’s the perfect album to listen to after a stressful day at work, while drinking coffee, or while drawing.

There’s a long hard road ahead, but a voice inside me said, “You know there’s something that you need to know. It’s gonna be alright”“

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Where is the Rest??

Public Poster Project Via: Egor Bashakov

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Eugenio Recuencoe is a Spanish photographer known for dramatic stage photographs and panoramic. I love his broad concepts and his willingness to show different cultures. I’ve been looking at many photographers’ portfolios and I was unable to skip a single photograph in Eugenio Recuencoe’s portfolio.

Look, I’m not an intellectual - I just take pictures" Helmut Newton

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"He that can have patience, can have what he will" Benjamin Franklin

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"What if you watch a film and whenever you pause it, you face a painting?" This idea inspired Reza Dolatabadi to create Khoda for his graduation film project. Over 6000 paintings were produced during two years for this five minutes film.


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Street Art

American Influence

Girl With Balloon


New Orleans

One Nation Under CCTV

All artworks via: Bansky

Cannot mention street art without talking about Bansky. He is known for his signature style in paintings and stencils that take on the topic of serious social issues. His artworks are about politics, culture, and ethics that can be seen around the world. Bansky is not his real name and no one know just who he is. Nevertheless, in the art world, no one can dismiss his artworks as authorities continue to paint over them.

“People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish… but that’s only if it’s done properly.” Banksy

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Sexiest D-A-F-T  P-U-N-K song:

Heard this song in the car today and it made my stress go away

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It’s official! Daft Punk will go on tour again starting 2010-2011!! Their site (http://www.daftalive.com/) confirmed that there will be a tour starting this year or the next year. Thank god! I’m starting to get sick of all the false hopes and rumors, but I’m pretty confident that they will be going on tour soon as they are finishing 24 new songs for the film Tron Legacy.

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The POMONA TATTOO EXPO 2010 was interesting for a first timer but it was too small. I paid $20 + $12 parking so I expected a much larger expo. However, it was still worth going. There were so many unique tattoos and people. Each tattoo has a story behind it or just an ink of an image in the head of a fucked up mind at a moment in time. The event inspired me to start playing with charcoal after watching a 15 mins competition between two group of artists or “cholos”. I’m looking forward to the tattoo expo in Long Beach in June. A friend told me that it’s usually a large expo outdoor near Downtown Long Beach. I know I will get another tattoo as soon as I forget how painful my first one was to me.

"If you leave marks on the world, then the world should leave marks on you"

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I love No Reservation and I love this man. He doesn’t give a shit, confident, brutally honest, and loves food…. the “perfect” man in my eyes. I’ve seen four shows about Vietnam from Anthony Bourdain. Three are from No Reservation and one from A Cook’s Tour. This is my favorite one. He makes me want to go back to Vietnam and get in touch with my roots…. or just eat everything.

What would you have for your last meal on earth?
“Roast Bone Marrow and Parsley Salad at London’s St. John restaurant” Anthony Bourdain